To know something about the available kitten, please phone to: 03 88 08 75 84 .

1 boy somali silver  fawn is available, born on 21 march 2012

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Our cats live with us, with children and Cavaliers King Charles. As we are always with them and as our love for them is always the same, our kitten developp a heavy confiance to the humans. All cats named Waldo's Sweet Lullaby are born at home. I work at home: as Hotel only for cats. In the same house, in rooms really separated, with a very serious sanitarian protocol to save the good health I gace to my Waldo's since 1992. I am here to coocoon my kitten, to encourage them to developp, to learn them to enjoy their life with humans. Kitten can fly on their own, as soon as they became the vaccinations and if they are mature enough (each one is particular, it depends on each). All my breed is negativ FIV, FeLV, PKdef. No genetical desease in my linies. Their temperament will charm you. They are sweet, pretty and goodhealth. They'll get their pedigree of LOOF, the only organ obliged and allowed to give pedigree to cats born in France. On my web site you can see how serious we are, what kind of way of living I give all my cats. As I don't go out for studs boys and as I don't accept ladies for stud, there is no risk for health or character. My hobby, Somalis silver, Abyssinians silver and not, will built your hapiness withone, or two, kitten born by me.