Cattery De villamauve

Hello everyone !

We have the kittens !

We have dedicated ourselves in the cat breeding of Main Coons “The Gentle Geants” .   

Mirva and Guinness gave birth to 7 beautiful kittens. Some are still available. You are most welcome to see and admire them on our site.

Our cats live with us in our house. We built two wire pens next to our living room and the cats can circulate freely from our home into the pen thru a small cat door.

Our kittens have a very sweet and gentle character. It gives us great joy to see them frolic and we can stroke them endlessly.

We are expecting from their adoptive parents that they continue to give them as much love and tenderness that we do.

If you wish to adopt a Main Coon, do not hesitate to send us an email. You can see the pictures of our kittens on our site that we keep updating regularly.

You are most welcome to come in and visit our cat breeding home.  We live in the small village called Porsel, 4 km from the famous Castel of Oron in the Canton of Vaud.

We are recognized by the FFH, Fédération Féline Helvétique,FiFe & the Cat Club Vaud, Valais + Fribourg. 

Best regards from our Team and family. 


We are very keen that our kittens have a diversify genetic inheritance and we put together a sturdy program to avoid any known genetic disease.

We are looking forwards to your visit on our site !