Cattery Du Bois De Chaville

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Cattery du Bois De Chaville

Annie Cossu
54230 Chaligny France

Tel: 0383471497
Mobile: 0682611352
Fax: 0383471497

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Signatory to the breeder chart

The cattery du Bois De Chaville signed the breeder chart on the 31/10/2004 and committed herself, in this respect,to honour its different points.

A signatory breeder must give you a copy of the breeder chart during the transfer of a kitten or cat.

Certified wf cattery

The information below was checked by the team and is guaranteed to comply with the official documents given by the breeder:

1 du Bois De Chaville
54-03-020 CCAD
42 311 043 600 015