Cattery Calvin Coon's

Welcome Home !


We are in love with cats and particularly by Maine Coons.


Our first Maine Coon arrived at the house into 2007 is called Calvin. Then the familly has grown.



We did not intend ourselves absolutely for the activity of breeding and our first contact with this world was done with the wire of the exposures for which we became “crazy”. Festive environment, meetings with impassioned like us, trip in various part of France and also in Belgium and Germany, the training and improvement of the grooming of the cats and also to be proud to present our tom cats.




We do not wish to have much kitten in the year. We especially wish to have healthy kittens and to be able to find for them attentive and loving Home. This is why we will carry a great interest to the requests which we will receive.


We will be happy to make you share our passion. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by telephone (thank you to leave a message if we cannot answer you immediately)


Hope to see you soon. Do not hesitate to put a message in our “livre d’or”


Christiane and Pascal